• Auditing

    We perform audits that address the particular risks associated with our client's business, operations and markets. We assess financial performance and give value-adding recommendations on financial processes and performance indicators. Our audit software minimizes working time and standardizes the auditing process, thus reducing the risk of mistakes.

    Our auditing services include:

    - Statutory Auditing
    - Internal Auditing
    - Special Purpose Auditing
    - Due-diligence reviews
    - Audited Annual Financial Statements

  • Tax Services

    Our tax services run in parallel with the activities of auditing and consulting. Maintaining accurate financial records for tax compliance purposes ensures your company's continued success through avoiding penalties and interest on late payments. With ever-changing taxation law, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and reinforcing our network with the income tax authorities. Our income tax services include all aspects of document completion and liaison with SARS. Income tax returns are completed and supervised by qualified personnel, and the administration process is monitored through our in-house database system.

    Our tax services include, amongst others:

    - Completion & submission of Individual and Company tax returns, including provisional tax returns
    - Calculation & Submission of all payroll related returns
    - Calculation & Submission of Vat returns
    - All tax related registrations

  • Financial Management Services

    Our many years of consulting to businesses, together with our formal training and technical knowledge in this area, enable us to advise clients on a wide range of business management issues:

    - Business Valuations
    - Purchases and sales of business
    - Business Plans
    - Financial Records Reviews
    - Cash Flow and Budgets
    - Finance Applications
    - Corporate Restructuring
    - School audits
    - Consolidations
    - BEE Rating coming soon

  • Monthly Accounting

    -Processing of supplier invoices
    - Processing of customer invoices
    - Processing of general journals
    - Processing of cash book
    - Reconciliation of bank accounts, suppliers and customers
    - Calculation of vat liability when applicable
    - Management accounts

  • Monthly Payroll Processing

    - Monthly payroll
    - Completion and submission of EMP201 returns to SARS
    - Completion and Submission of UIF declarations with labour department
    - Completion and Submission of EMP501 reconciliations
    - Preparation of IRP5s

  • Company Secreterial

    We provide a range of services to assist businesses with filing their statutory documents. We offer the following services as part of the Statutory Compliance package:

    - Formation and registration of Companies and Section 21 (non-profi company)
    - Maintenance of Statutory Register and Minutes
    - Submission of Statutory Documents to the Registrar of Companies
    - Filing forms for the change of directors / secretary / registered office
    - The allotment or transfer of share forms and issue of share certificates
    - Conduct company searches
    - Provide documentation for standard notice, general meetings and elective resolutions
    - Completion and submission of annual returns
    - Submission of Access to Information to Human
    - Rights Commission

  • Actuarial Services

    Our actuarial skills quantify the financial risks that may arise in future. These risks can then be Insured, Mitigated, Hedged or Avoided. If a risk cannot be managed downwards, then advice can be given on the consequences it may have on the company's capital.

    Our actuarial services include:

    - Cash Flow Projections
    - Business Models
    - Business Scenario Modeling
    - Stochastic Modeling
    - Financial Risk and Sensitivity Analysis
    - Valuations
    - Pricing of Risks and Business Initiatives